There are two major shopping events/destinations in Boscombe. These are the Sovereign shopping centre (pictured) and Boscombe's vintage market! The vintage market takes place inside the Royal Arcade right beside the Sovereign shopping centre and takes place every first saturday of the month.

At the vintage market you can find a whole host of cheap and old goods flogged by the local populace - so long as you don't question where the goods have come from there are some fantastic bargains to be had. As it's right beside the Sovereign shopping centre you can conveniently shop there as well - unlike the market it is open every day. In it you'll find all your standard shops from a health and book store to a clothing store and charity shop.

Boscombe Market
Boscombe Market

Street Market

The Market is an all day open air market held in Boscombe on Thursdays & Saturdays. You will find a variety of fruit & vegetables and fresh meat for sale; as well as flowers and carpets or watches & jewellery.

The market stalls are ever changing as the various vendors mysteriously run out of goods from week to week or get in totally different goods to what they were selling the week before - it's worth a look!

o2 Academy

The o2 Academy often goes by the name 'o2 Academy Bournemouth', this isn't strictly true as it's actually in Boscombe and is one of the best destinations in the area. Though we aren't sure why it wouldn't want to associate itself with this lovely place.

Either way there are plenty of events on for the music lover. It's also very fancy inside with lots of dim lighting and shiny glowing fixtures.
Boscombe Market